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Wylie Ruddell

Content marketing, social media overhaul, graphic design and strategy in progress for this client.

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All marketing channels ran for start up business charity, including social, website and more.

Sure Safe Stickers 1.png

Sure Safe Boilers

Full branding package, website creation, social media ad campaign, flyer and business card design.

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Wild Shore

Various graphic design pieces, including a pop up banner, price tags, price menus and much more.


Hopton Analytics

Created Hopton Analytics website using Wordpress DIVI editor and social media strategy.

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Cara Doc

Full branding package, website creation and various graphic design pieces including an album cover.

Untitled design (2).png

CH Elegant Interiors NI

Full branding package, website creation, online store and various graphic design pieces.


Brunswick Productions

Worked with Brunswick to create a poster for their pantomime sponsorship.

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